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Our stars of the week are Jim and Gabe. Both boys have been working really hard and Jim has been talking a lot about the books he’s been reading.

Stars of the day – Isaak, Hannah, Charlotte & Michael

Reader of the week – Callum


This week –

Maths – Division sheet

English – Tell me something about a book you’ve read this term and try to persuade me to read it. I can’t wait to choose some holiday reading.

Spelling booklet to be worked on. Sets 1 – 6 should be completed by now.

Reading – continue to read regularly

Y4’s Stars

It is getting very difficult to pick winners as all the children have settled well and are trying their best.

Stars of the day – Rosie, Isaak, Rachel & Michael

Stars of the week – Keeton & Jessica

Reading – continue as normal

Maths – multiplication and division questions – you can answer as digits not words
Try to find the numbers on the wordsearch

English 0 spelling booklet

CONGRATULATIONS to this week’s winners although there are still certificates to be given out

Stars of the DayGabe, Reece, Faye & Jim

Stars of the WeekAlex & Ellie were chosen by Mr Groves for carrying out excellent research in Science


Homework- 2nd October

English – punctuating sentences

Maths – Times Tables

Homework 25th September

Maths – addition and subtraction sheet. See if you can do all the questions.You can use the sheet or copy the calculation into your homework book.

Reading – At least three reads signed by an adult

English – make up 5 sentences (good ones) and include some of your spellings. You can use words from sets 1 – 4

Stars of the Week

We’ve got lots of awards available at the moment and it’s great to see everyone trying so hard to win one. Mr Groves and I are finding it very difficult to choose. keep up the good work – it will be your turn soon.

This week’s winners are……………

Star of the Week for great effort in reading – Evan

Star of the Week for super effort in Shape work – Ellie

Stars of the Day – Cori, Annie, Faye and Rosie

Readers of the week – Michael & Millie

Maths Award – Jessica & Reece

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to Jessica and Libby our stars this week. Jessica has worked really well in maths and Libby has done some fantastic reading. WELL DONE GIRLS.

Well done also to our Stars of the Day Millie, Keeton-Peter, Kiera & Jim

This week we’ve introduced ‘Readers of the Week’ and our first winners are Jim and Libby. Each week a girl and boy will get a certificate for achievement in reading.

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to Aimee and Isaak our first stars of the week. Aimee has been working hard in maths and doing extra work at home, Isaak is the first to beat the minute a day challenge in times tables. WELL DONE TO YOU BOTH.

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