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Who wants to submit some comments about what we did? Can you remember?

I hope you can all identify dock leaves now, they could be useful as some people say rubbing them on nettle stings helps stop the  itching!

The Dock leaf plant

The Dock leaf plant

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These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, but in case you missed them….


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16 Responses to “What a fun afternoon we had outside – excellent teamwork from everyone!”

  1. ELLAMOONEY says:

    I love these pictures miss Bennett I really like garding I loved picking the strawberries and rasberrys thank you.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      You are very welcome & thank you to you and your parents for the cake, (which went very nicely with the fruit!) & the presents for all of the Y3 children. Have a super birthday tomorrow, Ella!

  2. NEVE says:

    I love doing gardening with y3

  3. Ella says:

    i love this gardening session

  4. ELLAMOONEY says:

    this session was really good thank you for the reply

  5. harvey says:

    It looks very good and by the way hi Miss Bennett

  6. Gaynor (Finn's mum). says:

    Those pictures are good, I like gardening.

  7. Lily says:

    Hi Miss Bennet,

    I love gardening it is so fun, I wish I could do it more often
    see you tomorrow

  8. Ava says:

    Hi, Miss Bennet

    I love the phots.

  9. Ellie Forsyth says:

    You have worked hard!

  10. Lily says:

    Hi Miss Bennet

    I can’t believe how big the Dock leaf plant is, it’s Amazing!

  11. Lily says:

    The peas are marvelous they need a lot’s water though

  12. Lily says:

    Thank you Miss Bennet for letting us eat the Strawberrys they are Fabulous
    I wish we had you in Y4

  13. harvey says:

    Wish I was still there looks really
    Fun miss

  14. Mia says:

    Im so glad I’m in gardening club

  15. Mia says:

    I’m so glad my dad said that he will build a pach in the garden for me to grow my oun

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