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Spanish Fiestaval, April 1st

Spanish Fiestaval, April 1st

Hopefully you all got the message today that the dress rehearsal date at Greenbank has changed ( thank you to all who volunteered to give lifts etc so we could get there!) Unfortunately, this being the second time the date has changed, I can’t rearrange things in order to be able to go, so would it be possible for the children to be dropped off at Greenbank at 5.30pm on the night of the performance, Tuesday 1st April, and then they will have chance to have a quick look at the stage, and maybe walk across, it before they perform?

Don’t worry if this is a big problem, I am sure they will cope, but if it is possible, great!

Apologies for keeping you all waiting this evening, time ran away with us, we shall try to be more prompt next week.

Oh, and a quick reminder, I have to let Greenbank know ticket numbers tomorrow, so if anyone has not yet sent back the reply slip, please could you do so in the morning, thanks.

7 Responses to “Latest Fiestaval News”

  1. lottie says:

    I can’t what i am so EXCITED ! lottie .

    • Miss Bennett says:

      Ha, ha, ha.Don’t forget to bring your costume for Monday. Have you been practising your Spanish conversation?

  2. harvey says:

    hello Miss Bennet.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      Hello Harvey!
      Nice to hear from you.
      How’s your new school?
      I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye before you left last week, but I didn’t know you were leaving!
      You have left your pencil case here and I have gathered together all of your books, in case you would like them. Mrs Reed has everything at the moment. Maybe your Dad could call in for them? Or we could post them to you.
      Are you working hard in your new class?
      Have you made any friends yet?

  3. Mia says:

    I so EXCITED for the fiestava!!!!!!!!!!

    • Miss Bennett says:

      So am I!
      I hope you have been practising your Spanish conversation because I am going to give you some more lines at Monday’s rehearsal.

  4. jules says:

    Tonight’s performance was great. I enjoyed it so much. Thank you Miss Bennett. It was amazing !!!

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