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Great work last week. I have put the 100 word stories on the blog. If you could read them and leave a comment it is a brilliant way of encouraging our fab writers.

This week’s Google Form homework has only one “required question” (Name) which means that the answers don’t have to be submitted all at once. Do half now and half later.

For the 100 word challenge question (which has a really cool film this week) one idea is to type the 100 words on something else, Word, Open Office for Kids (a completely free and great office alternative made especially for kids) or Pages or anything else you use and copy and paste it into the text box on the Google Form when it is finished.

I have included all the comments (unless they identify the pupil) from last week’s homework here.

Very helpful and was easy to use

A really nice change and easier to manage than trying to find pieces of paper or worksheets – log on, complete and submit – job done! Thank you for making my life simpler!

Great idea for the children to view and type, the format was a little difficult as we could not save the work and return back to it.

Really good. No talking in the video. But talking wasn’t needed. The pictures told me the story.

I think this is a brilliant idea.

Struggled with typing the 100 words, I think it was a lot to type for the first time he has done this sort of thing.

Enjoying the digital homework.

Enjoys doing his homework on the computer.

Tried really hard with his story.
Just needed a bit of help with some of the numeracy questions.

The use of google forms is a bit frustrating. It is not as easy to use as “I am learning”, and there is no way to be able to save your progress part way through. Due to clicking on the wrong thing, we have had to do this homework sheet 3 times!!

Nice to do xxxxx’s homework with her online – but it crashed a couple of times and had to go back and do it again…

Happy Homework!

The Way Back Home from Lina Schwamkrug on Vimeo.

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