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Here is some of the wonderful homework writing that was done about the film, “Origins”.

There is a robot in the woods jumping from leaf to leaf he sees a sign on a train. He sees the same sign on him. He runs and jumps on to the train and gos to sleep. When he wakes up he finds himself in a factory. A vehicle trys to hit him but he jumps out of the way. He does not like it at the factory. He stands on a leaf and he sees day light and rips of his sign and gos back to the woods.

This story is about a little robot that is happy and lives in a forest. One day a train goes past the little robot and he sees a sign on the train that is the same that is on his body. The little robot gets on the train to see where it goes to.

When he was on the train he fell asleep and woke up when he got there. The little robot got out of the train and saw a factory and lots of trucks. The he stood on a leaf and remembered the forest and went back home.

There is a tiny ,blue, rusty robot in the woods leaping from leaf to leaf. He saw a steam train coming down the track in front of him. He jumped on the train and then fell asleep. When it was dawn, he got off the train and was really surprised to see some big robots. One of the big robots nearly ran him over and he ripped his label off because he didn’t like the place anymore so he picked up a leaf and walked towards the sun.

Once there was a robot who lived in the woods.
He loved jumping on the leaves.

One day he saw smoke behind the trees, coming from a train.

The robot saw a sign on the train it was the same sign on his tummy.

He jumped on to the train, it was a long journey.
When he arrived it was dark.

He felt sad in the factory because he liked where he lived better.

The robot stepped on a leaf and it reminded him of home, so he ripped the sign off his tummy and balanced across the train tracks all the way home.

There was once a tiny little robot he loved to jump on leaves one day he saw smoke in the air he ran to were the smoke came from it was a train he saw a sign he looked at his body he saw the same sign on him he quickly jumped on the train and went to sleep the next day the train stopped he jumped off suddenly he saw a light it was heading towards him it was a forklift he jumped out of the way the forklift headed away, the robot was sad he stepped on a leaf he ripped the sign off him and picked up the leaf and headed to the forest.

In the forest The little robot was stomping on Leaves as crunchy as plastic . He stopped with the sight of smoke from a train he looked at the badge on it ,it was the same badge on the robot he heaved on to the train and he had snoozed away . He woke up to see a large factory there was a big badge on it. the factory was dirty and grey and not very exciting. The robot stood on a leaf and suddenly realised that he missed the bright Forrest . He felt that he wanted to go home. his badge meant nothing to him anymore so he ripped it off. He picked up his leaf and he set off home.

Shea C
There was once a little green robot who lived in a forest. He had a label on his stomach, which was a black and white symbol. One day when he was walking through the woods he saw the exact same symbol on a moving train. So the little robot ran and climbed on to the moving train. He thought he had been made there, and wanted to see the factory where he was from. When he got there he realised he didn’t belong there and stepped on a leaf which reminded him of his own forrest which was his real home .

Once in a forest a little robot was jumping on leaves.He saw some smoke and followed it to a train . He jumped on it (the train had the same symbol on it as him) and he snuggled up on the train and fell asleep.When he woke he got off the train and some gates opened to a factory. A truck with lights on knocked him over.He realised that he did not like it there so he went back home to the forest so he could be happy and jump on leaves.

There was a happy little Robot, he saw the sign from his belly on the train also, he jumped onto the train, thinking he would meet some friends, on the train he had a little snooze. He woke up in a black out place, he didn’t meet any of his friends it was just a working place with vehicles going round and collecting things, going through the gates Robot was saying wait, no stay there but the man in the vehicle didn’t listen, or was there a man in the vehicle? Robot nearly got run over and was lonely.

A robot is in the forest crunching leaves. He seems smoke from a train, he follows it and sees the train has a sign on it that matches a sticker on his belly. He jumps on the train and falls asleep. He is woken by the sound of the train wheels stopping. He gets off and there is a agate in front of him that opens. Then there is loads of trucks that don’t see him, one nearly runs him over. He looks really sad. He then steps on a leave and reminds him of the Forrest. He looks up and sees the dawn rising over the forest. He pulls his sticker off picks up the leaf and starts to walk down the train tracks back to the Forrest. He looks happy.

One day in the leafy woods there was a robot with two different legs one was a nail and the other one was a screw .Then one day he saw black smoke In the air .He followed the smoke then he saw a sign on the train he was sure that he had that sign on his side. He hopped on the train then he looked at the orange sunrise . Then when he got out of the train he thought that he shouldn’t of left the wood . The little robot saw a shiny light facing towards him and he jumped out of the way. He went to the centre then he ripped his label off then picked up the leaf into the sunset.

Hi I’m Origins the robot. I like to leaf jump in the forest . One day I saw some smoke and wondered where it was coming from, it was a big train that had a sticker on it like me. That must be where I belong I thought and so I hopped on yawning, I needed a rest. I’m hungry and I’m lonely. By the time I got off the train I was scared and lost I wanted to go home. I stood on a leaf it reminded me of the forest. I miss the forest.

The robot was jumping on leaves in the woods.
In the woods was a happy place in autumn .
It was sometimes smoky by the woods.
Leaves were blowing through the trees.
Trains were passing and going with people like the robots.
While the train was moving it was sunset.
When the train arrived at the factory it was sunrise.
The factory doors were opening and closing letting cars in with equipment.
Then the little robot ripped his lable off and followed the the train back to the woods.

The little robot is walking through the forest when he sees black smoke coming from a
train which has a sign that is the same as the little robot’s sign on his body. The little robot jumped onto the train ( with his sign on). The little robot fell asleep on the train and ended up where he was made but a big vehicle almost killed him. He stepped on an orange, crunchy and dry leaf that was on the ground then that made him want to go back to the forest.

The little robot is jumping happily amongst the leaves in the forest, suddenly he sees some black smoke ahead of him. He walks towards the smoke and sees a train,he jumps onto it and falls asleep. When the robot arrives at the factory, a truck drives past him but it turns around and almost knocks him down. He notices how dark and gloomy it is in the factory and is filled with sadness, but in the distance he sees the forest with the sun coming up behind it and he feels happier. He rubs his label and tears it off, he begins to walk away but returns for the leaf.

Shea H
The robot was walking through the forest, stepping on crispy leaves. He saw smoke over the trees. When he got closer he saw a train and jumped on it. It was dark on the train he sat down on the floor. He then heard noises coming from the carriage and a machine going past with flashing lights. He feels scared and realises how much he misses the forest. It is a beautiful calm place. He jumps off the train and feels a crisp leaf on his foot , he can hear birds singing and can see a lovely red sky. He is happy

Once there was a lonely robot in a peaceful forest hopping on crunchy leaves. He saw black smoke from a train with a stripy sticker like his. He jumped on the train because he thought he belonged there.
He slept and when he woke up it was dark. The train stopped and metal gates opened noisily . A truck nearly ran him over as if he was invisible and didn’t belong there. He stood on a leaf and remembered the forest. He ripped off the sticker, picked up the leaf, went back to the peaceful woods and lived happily ever after.

First a little rusty robot was in a bright wood. The little robot was leaping on leafs just then
the little robot saw black smoke then he ran up
the hill to see what it was. It was a train and it had the same label on the robot so the robot climbed on the train when he got of the train the little robot went to very different place so he took his label off and went back to the wood.

The little robot is in the woods jumping from leaf to leaf. Then he sees smoke in the air and walks towards the train he sees the same symbol on the train as on him and then jumps on the train. He fell asleep on the train he wakes up at his home, steps inside and a big truck rushes past him.Then he sees another one rush past him and he nearly got ran over. It picked a few boxes.Then he steps on a leaf then stops , rips the symbol of him and walks back to the woods.

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